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On the beaches of Gallipoli, the Egyptian sands or the bloody fields of France, Australian soldiers and sailors served with pride during World War One. Their battles and stamina forged our notion of a modern Australian character and this recording from the Royal Australian Navy Band pays tribute to those who fought for King and Country, to those left behind to keep the home fires burning, and pays respect to their legacies. Volunteers were called from far and wide, singing “Australia will be there” as they sailed away from home, and patriotic songs were sung around the family piano to lift the spirits of those remaining, encouraging others to enlist and do their part.

HMAS Sydney won her first battle at sea but we lost our first two submarines and all those aboard. More than 60,000 Australians were killed over the four year war and more than 150,000 were wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner. Anzac Day and Remembrance Day have always been a poignant and respectful day for remembrance and reflection by Australians but in 2018, this 100th year since the signing of the Armistice that ended the first ‘Great’ War, we give special thanks to those who fought for us and created the uniquely Australian Anzac spirit in those trenches far away.

Track 1 - Fanfare for Heroes

Arthur Bliss

Track 2 - Over The Hills And Far Away

Traditional, arranged Steven Stanke

Track 3 - Australia Will Be There

WW ‘Skipper’ Francis, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 4 - Mars

Gustav Holst

Track 5 - Selections from ‘Oh What a Lovely War’

Arranged Martyn Hancock
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 6 - Elegy In Memorium Rupert Brooke

Frederick Kelly, arranged Steven Stanke

Track 7 - Roll Up!

Crad Evans, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 8 - Coo-ee! Coo-ee! We’re Coming From A Wayback Town

Ernest Dillon Bell, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 9 - Be a Man, Enlist Today

Arthur Morley, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 10 - First Victory

Martyn Hancock
Narrator – Mike Carlton

Track 11 - My Old Bushland Home In Australia

CPL Neil McBeath, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 12 - AEI - The Ship Without A Name

Matthew Klohs
Narrator: Mike Carlton
Conductor: Lieutenant Matthew Klohs

Track 13 - AE2 - Stoker's Submarine

Matthew Klohs
Narrator: Mike Carlton
Conductor: Lieutenant Matthew Klohs

Track 14 - Oh Passchendaele

Colin Buchanan, Garth Porter, arranged Steven Stanke
Vocals: Mark Nivet

Track 15 - The Vanished Army

Kenneth J Alford

Track 16 - The Last Goodbye

Billy Boyd, arranged Martyn Hancock
Vocals: Mark Nivet

All tracks conducted by Lieutenant Brian O’Kane unless noted.

Flutes: Petty Officer Brett Donovan, Petty Officer Brett Douglas, Able Seaman Han Yi Liang
Oboes: Petty Officer Esa Thomas, Able Seaman Kerrie MacFie
Clarinets: Able Seaman Tom Duck, Able Seaman Katrina Todd, Able Seaman Laura McKinley, Able Seaman Ellen Zyla, Able Seaman David Park, Petty Officer Dan Hobson
Bass Clarinet: Able Seaman Greg Turner
Bassoons: Leading Seaman Zola Baldwin, Able Seaman Maria Smith
Saxophones: Able Seaman Andrew Crago, Able Seaman Jonathan Rendell, Able Seaman Martin Aujard, Able Seaman Natalie Urquhart
Horns: Warrant Officer Camille Martin, Able Seaman Claire Donoghue, Able Seaman Radu Boros, Able Seaman Paul Styles
Trumpets: Leading Seaman Marcus Salone, Able Seaman Phillip O’Neill, Able Seaman Chris Ellis, Able Seaman Will Foster
Trombones: Able Seaman Pat Beaman, Chief Petty Officer Mark Ham, Able Seaman Luke Stanley
Euphonium: Leading Seaman Volker Schoeler
Tubas: Petty Officer Martyn Hancock, Able Seaman Mark Shearn, Able Seaman Samantha Fisher
Bass: Able Seaman Vitaliy Rayitsyn
Piano: Able Seaman Vladimir Shvetsov
Guitar: Able Seaman Joe Wherrett
Percussion: Petty Officer Lucas Kennedy, Able Seaman Chris Thompson, Able Seaman Neil Mildren
Vocals: Able Seaman Mark Nivet

Recorded at Trackdown Studios, Sydney 24, 25 September 2018

Mastered by Don Bartley, Benchmark Mastering

Artwork: Leading Seaman Gary Honor


Tim Ryan, Rose Mackenzie-Peterson - Trackdown Studios
Dr Brendan Nelson and staff - Australian War Memorial
Mike Carlton
Naval Historical Society