Captain Ainsley Morthorpe

CAPT Ainsley Morthorpe

Captain Ainsley Morthorpe CSM, RAN joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1986, in the inaugural class of the Australian Defence Force Academy and graduating in December 1988. He became an Officer of the Watch before specialising as a Mine Warfare Officer, with a succession of postings in Landing Craft, Mine Hunters, a Replenishment Ship, Destroyer Escorts, Frigates and Destroyers.

In 1998 he trained as a Principle Warfare Officer, was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 1999 and was posted to the New Zealand Navy Frigate Canterbury in 1999-2000. During this period he deployed to East Timor during INTERFET in 1999.

In 2001 he returned to Australia and posted into the Australian Frigate Sydney as the ASW Officer, which deployed to the Middle East Area of Operations following the events in the USA after September 11. In 2003 he instructed Naval operations at the ADF Warfare Centre.

In 2004-05 he Commanded the Darwin based Patrol Boat HMAS Fremantle. He deployed to the Solomon Islands on Operation HELPEM FREN in 2004.

He was promoted to Commander in 2006 and became the Head of Operations (J3) at HQ Northern Command, being awarded a Conspicuous Service Medal for his service.

In 2008-09 he Commanded the Navy base in Darwin HMAS Coonawarra, being awarded the Governor’s Cup for the most efficient Shore Command, in 2009.

In late 2010 until the end of 2012 he Commanded the Replenishment Ship HMAS Success.

In 2013-14 Commander Morthorpe was the Deputy Director of the Replenishment Capability in Navy HQ in Canberra, preparing the case for the new Supply Class AOR.

He was promoted to Captain in 2015 and became the Director of Policing and Security for Navy in Navy HQ in Canberra, also known as the Service Security Authority for Navy.

In 2019-20 he Commanded the Navy base in Perth, HMAS Stirling, being awarded the Governor’s Cup in 2020.

Captain Morthorpe assumed Command of the Victorian Naval base HMAS Cerberus in December 2020.