Lieutenant Commander Lachlan Browne

Lieutenant-Commander Lachlan Browne

Lieutenant-Commander Lachlan Browne was born in Sydney, New South Wales and joined the RAN in 2004. After completion of a BA (Hons) at the Australian Defence Force Academy he completed Maritime Warfare Officer training in HMA Ships Parramatta, Huon and Sydney. On completion of two years as an Officer of the Watch in Sydney, Lieutenant-Commander Browne commenced specialisation as a Navigator.

After the requisite courses, Lieutenant-Commander Browne served as the Navigating Officer in HMA Ships Huon and Arunta. He then undertook the Principle Warfare Officer Course in 2016-17 and subsequently served as the Navigating Officer in HMAS Adelaide. In these seagoing roles he undertook a variety of overseas deployments and international exercises. During his tenure in Adelaide he also served as the Task Group Navigator for the Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2017 and 2018 deployments.

Lieutenant-Commander Browne then served as the Fleet Navigation Officer in 2019, followed by a two-year exchange posting to the United Kingdom. As a Staff Warfare Officer (Navigation) to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Operational Sea Training, he trained units of the RN and NATO in Navigation and Mariner Skills. This posting saw Lieutenant-Commander Browne conduct forward-deployed training in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

Lieutenant-Commander Browne proudly assumed Command of HMAS Gascoyne in December 2022.