Channel Patrol Boat
4 October 1941
November 1944
Sold in November 1945
Dimensions & Displacement
Displacement 20 tonnes
Length 47.6 feet
Beam 12.3 feet
Draught 5 feet
Speed 8 knots
Crew 7
Machinery Thornycroft 6-cylinder diesel engine
Guns 1 x .303 Vickers machine gun

In the early period of WWII, HMAS Moruya was requisitioned intermittently for service as a relief examination vessel in Brisbane, Queensland. She was first used in this capacity on 7 September 1939.

On 3 June 1941, Moruya was requisitioned for naval service on a long-term basis. The vessel would later be purchased by the Commonwealth on 1 April 1942.

HMAS Moruya commissioned on 4 October 1941, under the command of Warrant Officer Frederick Henderson RANR(S) and subsequently proceeded to Darwin, where she arrived on 30 October 1941.

While in Darwin, HMAS Moruya was employed on patrol of the boom defences and on general harbour duties.

In September 1944, approval was given to transfer Moruya to the Royal Australian Air Force. However, in November of that year the RAAF advised that the transfer was not required, and the vessel was paid off into Maintenance Reserve in Darwin.

HMAS Moruya was sold in November 1945.