Chief of Navy Speeches: Commissioning of HMAS Hobart

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23 September 2017

Chief of Navy Address at the Commissioning of HMAS Hobart
Sydney, New South Wales

Your Excellency, Prime Minster, Ministers, other distinguished guests, colleagues in the Australian Defence Force, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you all for being here to sharing in this important event in Australia’s history as we commission HMAS Hobart, the first of class and one of the most sophisticated and advanced warships that this nation has ever owned and operated.

We have heard of the proud history of other ships bearing this name. The legacy this ship’s company will carry is significant.

More importantly, I consider that with the commissioning of Hobart we, the Navy and the nation, take a major step forward in our ability to meet the challenges that are over the horizon as we become more reliant on the oceans; not only economically but for our security.

But today, I want to fulfil a traditional role - to thank the builders of this fine ship.

Warships are some of the most sophisticated vessels ever built. Filled with equipment, which individually are significant pieces of engineering, the true genius of warship design and construction is to bring them together in one integrated platform.

The construction of a warship demands great skill in many different trades from the very traditional heavy engineering to leading edge computing, from weapons systems to logistics and supply. Each element must be fit for purpose and contribute to the warfighting capability of the ship.

As we commission Hobart into the Royal Australian Navy, it is my pleasure as Chief of Navy to offer the traditional thanks and acknowledgements to the ship builders.

So I would like to acknowledge and thank all who have played a part in the construction of this magnificent warship in particular ASC, Raytheon Australia, Navantia, Lockheed Martin, the United States Navy, and the numerous people in the Department of Defence, civilian as well those in uniforms, who contributed their skills and expertise.

On behalf of the Royal Australian Navy, I thank you all. I hope that you feel as much pride as I do to see Hobart commission today.

To the crew of Hobart, well done for your work so far. Each of you have put in significant effort and I thank you personally. I know there is much more to do and much is expected of you.

Finally, let me pass on a few words from Ms Nicole Hidgeman, the ship’s sponsor who launched Hobart some 18 months ago  but who unfortunately could not be here today.

She says:

I am extremely proud of of this ship and of you, the commissioning crew. I wish you well in your endeavours. BZ Hobart.

I, as well as your families and all those gathered here today, have no doubt in your ability and wish you fair winds and following seas.

Thank you.