Chief of Navy Speeches: Decommissioning of HMAS Darwin

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9 December 2017

Chief of Navy Address at the Decommissioning of HMAS Darwin
Sydney, New South Wales

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentleman, and most importantly, the current and former members of HMAS Darwin’s ships company, their families and their friends.

At 1050 on Saturday 21 July 1984 HMAS Darwin’s Executive Officer, LCDR Tim Scott, gave the order for Darwin’s ships company to march on to the parade ground at Todd Pacific Shipyard in Seattle.

With that order Darwin’s service in the Royal Australian Navy commenced.

Since that date the men and women who have proudly sailed in Darwin have given her life and can no doubt attest to her unique personality and idiosyncrasies.

To these people, to the men and women who have sailed in Darwin, thank you.

Your service has been often arduous, frequently dangerous, and always worthwhile.

You showed professionalism, courage and compassion in carrying out your duty – exactly what I expect, exactly what Australia expects – and I have not been disappointed.

You should be proud of your service and the contribution that you made to our Navy and our Nation — whether it was on the Australia Station, undertaking operations in the Middle East region on no less than seven occasions, supporting the new nation of Timor-Leste, or supporting maritime stability and security in South East Asia and the South West Pacific.

Today, after more than 33 years of service and having sailed over a million nautical miles around the globe, Darwin’s service comes to an end.

I thank you for your service and am grateful for what you have done for this Navy and this nation.

Bravo Zulu to you HMAS Darwin, and to all who sailed in her.