World War II Daily Escort Situation

During World War II the RAN maintained a record of the daily escort situation in Australian and South-West Pacific waters. These records have been, declassified, digitised and placed in the public domain as part of the Sea Power Centre - Australia’s ongoing digitisation program. The aim of this program is to make historic records and information more readily available to members of the public to assist with historical research.

Alert: These pdf documents have been created from scanned images and accordingly are large in file size. They may take time to download.

Daily Escort Situation - August 1942

August 1942

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Daily Escort Situation - 1 March 1943

March 1943

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Daily Escort Situation - October 1943

October 1943

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Daily Escort Situation - March 1944

March 1944

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Daily Escort Situation - August 1944

August 1944

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