EF88 Austeyr

EF88 Austeyr
Assault rifle
Manufacturer Thales Australia
Single shot or semi-automatic
Feed 30-round box magazine
5.56mm x 45mm NATO rounds

The Australian Defence Force's new EF88 Austeyr rifle is set to improve close combat and general combat capability due to its superior accuracy and lethality, improved ergonomics, balance and increased mounting options for ancillary devices. The EF88 began entering service in mid-2016 and is replacing the F88 Austeyr.

Ancillary attachments for the EF88 rifle include enhanced day sights, image intensifiers, thermal imaging sights, forward grips (with bipod), forward grips (basic), weapon stabilisers, visual illumination devices, one o'clock offset rails, and laser-aiming illumination and ranging devices. The EF88 rifle can be quickly reconfigured to meet specific mission roles by utilising these weapon ancillaries.

The key differences between the EF88 and the F88 rifle it is replacing are:

  1. Fixed, lighter Barrel
  2. Improved Gas Plug adjustment
  3. Double-action, side-opening Grenade Launcher
  4. NATO-STD Accessory Rail for laser aimers
  5. Improved trigger guard grip access
  6. Improved access to GLA trigger
  7. Extended Ejection Port and recessed covers
  8. Non-slip Butt Plate
  9. Modified Hammer Pack to improve reliability and facilitate silent cocking
  10. Improved Cheek Weld
  11. Improved Red Dot Grenade Launcher Sight
  12. Extended NATO-STD Top Rail-in-line accessories
  13. Reduced overall mass, improved balance
  14. NATO-STD Rail-grips, bipods and Visual Illumination Devices
  15. Folding Cocking Handle-less vulnerable to damage
  16. Bolt Release Catch-faster magazine exchange