Tac Talks

Tac Talks are papers about global maritime strategic concepts and strategies authored by professionals of the Royal Australian Navy.

No. Title Author Year Download
52 LIDAR and Laser - how vulnerable is the RAN to the emergence of light spectrum weapons and sensors? CPOEWSM Paul Freestone 2021 PDF (833.5 KB)
51 Fire and forget? Search and rescue obligations during an armed conflict at sea LCDR Simon Lindsay 2021 PDF (752 KB)
50 China and Russia: strategic partners or strategic rivals? LEUT Alexandra Morthorpe 2021 PDF (1.98 MB)
49 The South China Sea: a perspective from across the Ditch LEUT Blair Marett 2021 PDF (1 MB)
48 Introduction to the US 3rd Offset Strategy Mr Ben Power 2021 PDF (2.2 MB)
47 Developing operational tactics CMDR Barton Harrington 2021 PDF (1.08 MB)
46 Joint Fires - are they really Joint? CAPT Simon Howard and LCDR James Thompson 2021 PDF (1.01 MB)
45 Book review: ‘Cruiser, the life and loss of HMAS Perth and her crew’ by Mike Carlton CMDR Max Muller 2021 PDF (479.1 KB)
44 The use of recreational drones while operationally deployed CMDR Mark Northcote 2021 PDF (3.61 MB)
43 A ‘ratcatcher’ in a regulated world CAPT Ashley M Papp 2021 PDF (920.48 KB)
42 Taking the first hit? Time to revisit unit self-defence as an inherent right CAPT Stu Waters 2021 PDF (1.11 MB)
41 Book review: ‘Fire on the Water’ by Robert Haddick CMDR Max Muller 2021 PDF (622.64 KB)
40 Living up to potential: Australia’s amphibious force’s ability to impact regional security LTCOL Eric Dill (US Marine Corps) 2021 PDF (1.49 MB)
39 Cyber test and evaluation in a maritime context LEUTs Luke Boswell, Connor Mooney-Collett and James Keane 2021 PDF (925.8 KB)
38 Can a cyber-operation be considered an act of war? LEUT Max Westwood 2021 PDF (945.23 KB)
37 Improvised threats - not just a land problem CAPT Scott Craig 2021 PDF (986.16 KB)
36 What are the shortcomings of the Intelligence Cycle and how might they be mitigated? LEUT Rich Morris 2021 PDF (1.16 MB)
35 The Fourth Battle of the Atlantic VADM James Foggo III, USN and Dr Alarik Fritz 2021 PDF (1.4 MB)
34 Book review: ‘Team of Teams’ by General Stanley McChrystal CMDR Max Muller 2021 PDF (1.05 MB)
33 Mini-Remotely Operated Vehicle as an alternative to a dive team LCDR Simon O’Hehir 2021 PDF (2.03 MB)
32 The importance of stealth in combatting a submarine threat LCDR Simon O’Hehir 2021 PDF (1.91 MB)
31 Understanding war, policy and strategy LEUT Patrick Kneipp 2021 PDF (1.03 MB)
30 Migrant rescue operations in the Mediterranean LCDR Paul Clark 2021 PDF (885.41 KB)
29 Now is the time for Australia to step up into a leadership role in Southeast Asia to maintain regional peace and prosperity LCDR Sam Fraser 2021 PDF (1.33 MB)
28 Seeing Red: the critical capability of Institutional Agility LCDR Richard Morris 2021 PDF (560.35 KB)
27 Red Teaming - playing the devil’s advocate CMDR Hamish Frazer 2021 PDF (627.08 KB)
26 Evaluating effects-based operations in the Australian Defence Force LEUT Joshua Woodward 2021 PDF (1.24 MB)
25 Napoleon 2030 - Old military maxims for new high-end war fighters LEUT Aaron D Scott 2021 PDF (551.81 KB)
24 Organic Mine Countermeasures in the littoral environment LEUT ME Cook 2021 PDF (868.53 KB)
23 The Scrap Iron Flotilla PO Bryce Brown RAN, and LEUT Danica Thompson RAN 2021 PDF (558.05 KB)
22 Ship Launched Remote Piloted Aircraft for the Royal Australian Navy SBLT M Webster, SBLT S Nixon and MIDN C Smith 2021 PDF (699.87 KB)
21 How Will We Fight? CMDR Robbie Swift 2021 PDF (1.02 MB)
20 Things I have heard CAPT Pete Bartlett 2021 PDF (992.21 KB)
19 Maritime Trade Operations Team 1 - A Contemporary Capability CMDR Mark W Linden, CSM RAN 2021 PDF (488.45 KB)
18 Putting the ‘War’ back into Minor War Vessels: utilising the Arafura Class to reinvigorate high intensity warfighting in the Patrol Force LEUT Brett Willis 2021 PDF (1.29 MB)
17 Old ideas in a future war: countering the strategic narrative of a Major Fleet Unit sinking LCDR Simon O’Hehir 2021 PDF (1.14 MB)
16 Cognitive Dissonance In Constabulary Operations LCDR Sean West Money 2021 PDF (1.98 MB)
15 Thursday War LEUT Matthew Bailey 2021 PDF (719.49 KB)
14 How will the employment of information effects affect the force posture in the South China Sea in the next decade? LEUT Matt Westwood 2021 PDF (1.3 MB)
13 Mine Counter Measures off the Australian Theatre LEUT Liam Northend and CPOCSM-MW Simon East 2021 PDF (1.24 MB)