Feature Histories

Title Summary Author Year
The Great White Fleet’s 1908 visit to Australia On 20 August 1908 well over half a million Sydneysiders turned out to watch the arrival of the United States (US) Navy’s ‘Great White Fleet’. For a city population of around 600,000 this was no mean achievement. Dr David Stevens 1908
The Australian Navy and the 1909 Imperial Conference on Defence A century ago, Australia’s Navy, such as it was, seemed in poor shape. The Commonwealth’s economy might have depended absolutely on ocean-going trade, but with the seas protected by the Royal Navy there had been little political interest in supporting the local navy. Dr David Stevens 1909
The ‘Special Cruise’ of HMAS Gayundah, 1911 Most people prefer their history presented within familiar and readily discerned constraints. Certainly conflicts and overseas deployments, and hence the more broadly ‘interesting’ of military operations Dr David Stevens 1911
Charts showing HMAS Australia’s voyage to Australia Charts showing HMAS Australia’s voyage to Australia from July 1913 to March 1914. These charts are from Midshipman Henry McWilliam’s Journal. Midshipman Henry McWilliam 1913