Feature Histories

Title Summary Author Year
The RAN Fleet Air Arm Mark I Petar Djokovic -
The RAN and the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic Media reports surrounding the dangers of a new influenza pandemic often refer to the global outbreak of 'Spanish flu', which struck suddenly at the end of World War I. Dr David Stevens 1918
The Decline of Australian Naval Deterrence 1919-1939 The Commonwealth Naval Forces inherited a motley collection of obsolescent coastal and harbour defence vessels when the State navies transferred to Commonwealth control on 1 March 1901. Lieutenant Commander Glenn Kerr, RAN 1919
A Loss More Symbolic Than Material? In 1921 US President Harding called a conference between the USA, Britain, Japan, France and Italy to advocate mutual naval arms limitation. Faced with massive post-war debts all parties agreed on limitations. Lieutenant Commander Glenn Kerr, RAN 1924