Working Papers

The Working Papers series was produced by the Sea Power Centre - Australia and comprised shorter original research on maritime security issues. The series ran over the period 1999-2012, produced 21 volumes, and has been replaced by the Sea Power series. There are limited hard copies of various volumes; otherwise it is only available in electronic format.

Electronic versions of each volume may be found on associated pages, but Volumes 8 and 9 only exist electronically in scanned format.

Volume 13 is out of print, all other volumes are available in hard copy and are available free of charge; please contact Sea Power Centre to request copies.

Alert: These pdf documents have been created from scanned images and accordingly are large in file size. They may take time to download.

Paper No. Title Author Year Download
21 Perspectives on the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Yoji Koda 2012 PDF (385.24 KB)
20 Strength Through Diversity David Stevens 2007 PDF (671.63 KB)
19 An Effects-Based Anti-Submarine Warfare Strategy Mark Hammond 2005 PDF (757.94 KB)
18 Database of Royal Australian Navy Operations 1990-2005 Vanessa Bendle (et al) 2005 PDF (2.22 MB)
17 NSW Reserve Naval Legal Panel History Members of the Naval Reserve Legal Panel 2004 PDF (296.47 KB)
16 Royal Australian Navy Aerospace Capability 2020-2030 Robert Hosick 2003 PDF (385.95 KB)
15 Russian Naval Power in the Pacific: Today and Tomorrow Alexey Muraviev 2003 PDF (901.56 KB)
14 The Enforcement Aspects of Australia’s Oceans Policy Barry Snushall 2003 PDF (237.75 KB)
13 The Timor Sea Joint Petroleum Development Area Oil and Gas Resources: The Defence Implications Matthew Flint 2003 PDF (640.93 KB)
12 The Royal Australian Navy and Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Tom Mueller 2003 PDF (250.16 KB)
11 Protecting the National Interest: Naval Constabulary Operations in Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone Andrew Forbes 2002 PDF (474.49 KB)
10 Asian Pacific SLOC security: The China factor Ji Guoxing 2002 PDF (347.87 KB)
9 Seaborne Trade Flows in the Asia Pacific: Present and Future Trends Christopher Baldwin 2001 PDF (583.6 KB)
8 Analysis of Contemporary and Emerging Navigational Issues in the Law of the Sea Martin Tsamenyi and Kwame Mfodwo 2001 PDF (2.6 MB)
7 Naval Cooperation and Coalition Building in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific: Status and Prospects Chris Rahman 2001 PDF (333.64 KB)
6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Future Navy Peter Ashworth 2001 PDF (481.43 KB)
5 Maritime Strategy and Defence of the Archipelagic Inner Arc John Reeve 2001 PDF (166.23 KB)
4 The Development of Naval Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region 1500-2000 John Reeve 2000 PDF (152.48 KB)
3 Medium Power Strategy Revisited Richard Hill 2000 PDF (153.02 KB)
2 Struggling for a Solution: The RAN and the Acquisition of a Surface to Air Missile Capability Peter Jones and James Goldrick 2000 PDF (139.92 KB)
1 New Technology and Medium Navies Norman Friedman 1999 PDF (211.88 KB)