Soundings Papers

Soundings Papers are a new Sea Power Centre - Australia publication introduced in 2012. The Soundings series is designed to raise awareness of naval and maritime issues, both contemporary and historical, but in more ‘depth’ than Semaphores. They cover works from 4000 to 10,000 words in length. The series is only available in electronic format.

No. Title Author/Editor Year Download PDF Download EPUB
47 Battle Reading the Russian Pacific Fleet 2023-2030 Dr Alexey D. Muraviev 2023 pdf (665.95 KB)
46 RAN Naval Base Requirements to the Year 2100 Lieutenant Commander Darren Cooper 2022 pdf (2.39 MB)
45 Current and Future Legal Implications Regarding the Use of Military Drones Across Maritime Boundaries Oscar McLoughlin 2022 pdf (1.96 MB)
44 Combating Coercion Through Influence in The Maritime Sphere Cassidy Sneikus 2022 pdf (2.14 MB)
43 The Philippines-Indonesia Maritime Border Agreement: Strengthening Relations towards Regional Stability in Southeast Asia LCDR Arnold Enriquez 2021 pdf (700.46 KB)
42 The Rising Threat of Maritime Cyber-attacks: Level of Maritime Cyber-security Preparedness along the Straits of Malacca and Singapore CAPT Marcus Neo 2021 pdf (1.71 MB)
41 An analysis of the Pacific Maritime Security Program and the insufficient treatment of the illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing activities in Papua New Guinea LCDR Robbie Hosea 2021 pdf (1022 KB)
40 Maritime Domain Awareness in the South China Sea in the 21st Century: The Current Situation, Challenges, Consequences and the Future LCDR Vichith Srey, Royal Cambodian Navy 2021 pdf (1.21 MB)
39 Australian Nuclear-powered Submarines: making Australia’s naval dreams a reality Jarrod Fraser 2021 pdf (1.15 MB)
38 The Fiji Navy and UNCLOS: The challenge of climate change CMDR Alfred Fox, Republic of Fiji Navy 2021 pdf (1.01 MB)
37 Framing Australia’s Maritime Domain CAPT Sean Andrews 2021 pdf (2.21 MB)
36 Maritime Security Cooperation in the Southeast Asia Region CMDR Surachai Saiwongpanya, Royal Thai Navy 2021 pdf (1.2 MB)
35 Manus Island and the Lombrum Naval Base: Five Options for Australia’s Geostrategic Gateway Adam Lockyer, Justin Burke, Yves-Heng Lim and Fred Smith 2021 pdf (3.79 MB)
34 Military Power is not enough Isaac Barnett 2021 pdf (1.68 MB)
33 ANZUS in the 2020s: A Blessing or a Curse for Australians? LCDR Chris Watson 2021 pdf (1.8 MB)
32 Securing Australia’s Submarine Communications Infrastructure: A history of Australia's engagement with undersea cables and lessons for understanding the contemporary strategic environment Angus Eckstein 2021 pdf (4.71 MB)
31 Ocean of opportunity or murky waters? Information-sharing and Combating Transnational Maritime Crime in the Indo-Pacific Anastasia Kalloniati 2021 pdf (3.25 MB)
30 South-West Pacific: amphibious operations, 1942-45 Dr. Karl James 2021 pdf (1.19 MB)
29 A Critical Review of Vietnam’s Marine Management and New Insights for a Sustainable Development of the Blue Economy Tai Xuan Dao, Senior Lieutenant, Vietnamese People’s Navy 2021 pdf (438.49 KB)
28 The Impacts of Climate Change on Maritime Boundaries in the Western Pacific Madeleine Gordon 2021 pdf (1.27 MB)
27 Towards Consolidating the Pacific Maritime Security Program for the Future: A Critical Analysis Nicholas Stilp 2021 pdf (972.64 KB)
26 ANZAM and Australia’s Increasing Defence Responsibilities in the Post-war Asia-Pacific Dr Honae Cuffe 2021 pdf (484.5 KB)
25 The Case for Internationalising the South China Sea Commander Segar Muniandy 2021 pdf (1.54 MB)
24 Exploring the Philippines and Australia’s Maritime Security Cooperation against Terrorism and other Transnational Crimes Lieutenant Colonel Hernane Abayon 2021 pdf (581.21 KB)
23 Fiji’s ‘Blue Economy’ and the importance of maritime security Commander Timoci Natuva 2021 pdf (666.2 KB)
22 At Home between Worlds: Royal Navy Cadets and Officers of the Empire Tim Doebler, MA 2021 pdf (543.97 KB)
21 Understanding and Combating Piracy in the Sulu Sea Commander Aminuddin Albek 2021 pdf (3.4 MB)
20 A maritime strategy for Timor-Leste 1st LEUT Duarte Borges LOE 2021 pdf (924.06 KB)
19 Maritime military powers in the Indo-Pacific Region: A comparative analysis of Japan, Australia and India, 1980-2017 CDR Keitaro Ushirogata PhD, Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force 2021 pdf (632.44 KB)
18 Breaching The Surface: The Future Of Sea Mines In The Indo-Pacific Alia Huberman 2020 pdf (701.17 KB)
17 When Disaster Strikes. Assessing the Royal Australian Navy’s Preparedness for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Bryant Cong 2020 pdf (833.86 KB)
16 The Indo-Pacific Endeavour: Reflections and Proposals for Australia’s Premier Naval Diplomacy Activity Adam Lockyer, Justin Burke, Yves-Heng Lim, Fred Smith 2020 pdf (2.24 MB)
15 Problems and prospects of maritime security cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region: a case study of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) Commander Ranendra Singh Sawan 2020 pdf (960.27 KB)
14 Vietnam’s Maritime Security Challenges and Regional Defence and Security Cooperation Commander Anh Duc Ton 2018 pdf (1.03 MB)
13 The Evolving Pakistan-China Maritime Economic Relationship in the Indian Ocean Anwar Saeed 2016 pdf (358.32 KB)
12 Australian Rendezvous: Maritime Strategy and National Destiny in the 21st Century Michael Evans 2016 pdf (334.07 KB)
11 Legal and Practical Challenges Associated with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Maritime Environment Scott Moloney 2016 pdf (372.23 KB)
10 Some Capability and Operating Implications Arising from Australia’s Antarctic and Southern Ocean Interests Paddy Hodgman 2016 pdf (422.9 KB)
9 Dominion, Trade and the Maritime Silk Road: A Review of Issues Geoffrey Till 2016 pdf (333.41 KB)
8 Examining Maritime Insecurity in Eastern Africa Raymond Gilpin 2016 pdf (440.83 KB)
7 Petroleum trade security in the Indo-Pacific region: an assessment of Australia’s crude oil and refined product import security and supply resilience Rupert Herbert-Burns 2015 pdf (1.1 MB)
6 Philippines Naval Reserve support to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Ariel Halasan 2015 pdf (488.58 KB)
5 Pathway to Indonesia’s maritime future: the role of maritime policy, doctrine and strategy Salim 2015 pdf (2.02 MB)
4 Indonesia as a growing maritime power: possible implications for Australia Geoffrey Till 2015 pdf (327.2 KB)
3 Reflections on the Royal Australian Navy and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982 Stuart Mayer, Ian Knox, Ivan Shearer 2014 pdf (323.37 KB)
2 China’s growing Indian Ocean maritime interests: sowing the seeds of conflict? Jaimie Hatcher 2013 pdf (996.8 KB)
1 What is a Maritime Strategy? John B Hattendorf 2013 pdf (331.83 KB) epub (411.86 KB)