Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs

The Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs series was produced by the Sea Power Centre - Australia and comprised lengthy peer-reviewed original research on regional maritime affairs. The series ran over the period 1996-2011, produced 35 volumes, and has been replaced by the Sea Power Series.

Alert: These pdf documents have been created from scanned images and accordingly are large in file size. They may take time to download.

Paper No. Title Author Year Download
35 Australian Maritime Issues 2010: SPC-A Annual Rhett Mitchell 2011 PDF (4.6 MB)
34 The Naval Protection of Shipping in the 21st Century: An Australian Perspective Stuart Kaye and Lowell Bautista 2011 PDF (491.26 KB)
33 Keystone Doctrine Development in Five Commonwealth Navies: A Comparative Perspective Aaron P Jackson 2010 PDF (1.21 MB)
32 Australian Maritime Issues 2009: SPC-A Annual Gregory P Gilbert and Michelle Jellett 2010 PDF (3.36 MB)
31 Australia’s Response to Piracy: Legal Issues Andrew Forbes 2011 PDF (696.59 KB)
30 Maritime Capacity Building in the Asia-Pacific Region Andrew Forbes 2010 PDF (1.27 MB)
29 HMAS Leeuwin: The Story of the RAN’s Junior Recruits Brian Adams 2009 PDF (5.1 MB)
28 Presence, Power Projection and Sea Control: the RAN in the Gulf 1990-2009 John Mortimer and David Stevens 2009 PDF (3.55 MB)
27 Australian Maritime Issues 2008: SPC-A Annual Gregory P Gilbert and Nicholas Stewart 2009 PDF (2.84 MB)
26 A Historical Appreciation of the Contribution of Naval Air Power Andrew T Ross and James M Sandison, introduction by Jack McCaffrie 2008 PDF (780.43 KB)
25 Missing Pieces: The Intelligence Jigsaw and RAN Operations 1939-71 Ian Pfennigwerth 2008 PDF (4.35 MB)
24 The Global Maritime Partnership Initiative Chris Rahman 2008 PDF (520.72 KB)
23 Asian Energy Security: Regional Cooperation in the Malacca Strait Andrew Forbes 2008 PDF (1.12 MB)
22 Freedom of Navigation in the Indo-Pacific Region Stuart Kaye 2008 PDF (392.4 KB)
21 Australian Maritime Issues 2007: SPC-A Annual Andrew Forbes 2008 PDF (2.58 MB)
20 The Russian Pacific Fleet: From the Crimean War to Perestroika Alexey D Muraviev 2007 PDF (1.33 MB)
19 Australian Maritime Issues 2006: SPC-A Annual Andrew Forbes and Michelle Lovi 2007 PDF (2.87 MB)
18 ADF Training in Australia’s Maritime Environment Chris Rahman and Robert J Davitt 2006 PDF (1.19 MB)
17 Australian Naval Personalities: Lives from the Australian Dictionary of Biography Gregory P Gilbert 2006 PDF (1.31 MB)
16 Australian Maritime Issues 2005: SPC-A Annual Gregory P Gilbert and Robert J Davitt 2005 PDF (1.81 MB)
15 A Critical Vulnerability: The Impact of the Submarine Threat on Australia’s Maritime Defence 1915-54 David Stevens 2005 PDF (5.88 MB)
14 Peter Mitchell Essay Competition: 2003 Glenn Kerr 2003 PDF (389.73 KB)
13 Future Environmental Trends to 2020: Impact on Ship Design and Operation Glenn Kerr and Barry Sunshall 2005 PDF (2.57 MB)
12 Australian Maritime Issues 2004: SPC-A Annual Glenn Kerr 2004 PDF (4.6 MB)
11 Protecting Maritime Resources: Boundary Delimitation, Resource Conflicts and Constabulary Responsibilities Rachael Heath and Barry Snushall 2003 PDF (8.07 MB)
10 The Strategic Importance of Seaborne Trade and Shipping Andrew Forbes 2003 PDF (1.34 MB)
9 HMAS Sydney (II): The Cruiser and the Controversy in the Archives of the United Kingdom Peter Hore 2001 PDF (10.37 MB)
8 Maritime War in the 21st Century: The Medium and Small Navy Perspective David Wilson 2001 PDF (18.79 MB)
7 Prospects for Maritime Aviation in the 21st Century David Stevens 1999 PDF (6.9 MB)
6 Australia’s Naval Inheritance: Imperial Maritime Strategy and the Australia Station, 1880-1909 Nicholas Lambert 1998 PDF (12.71 MB)
5 Issues in Regional Maritime Strategy: Papers by Foreign Visiting Fellows with the Royal Australian Navy Maritime Studies Program 1998 David Wilson 1998 PDF (13.51 MB)
4 Australian Carrier Decisions: The Acquisition of HMA Ships Albatross, Sydney and Melbourne Anthony Wright 1998 PDF (8.65 MB)
3 Australian Coastal Shipping: The Vital Link Mary Ganter 1998 PDF (12.11 MB)
2 No Easy Answers: The Development of the Navies of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 1945-96 James Goldrick 1997 PDF (13.14 MB)
1 From Empire Defence to the Long Haul: Post-War Defence Policy and Its Impact on Naval Force Structure Planning 1945-1955 Hector Donohue 1996 PDF (10.25 MB)